Women in the Science Research Workforce: Identifying and Sustaining the Diversity Advantage


This resource is designed to assist senior leadership and equity committees, team leaders and individuals to address the well-documented ‘wicked problem’ of women’s participation and success in the science research workforce. The Toolkit provides resources and access to links to foster understanding of how success in science research careers is framed and to help identify ‘success factors’ for developing and sustaining diversity that might be transferable across disciplinary and professional boundaries. Strategies for change and success are framed through the trope of the science research career marathon, in which participants are competing against one another whilst striving to achieve extraordinarily demanding goals under the duress of employment and career uncertainty.


The research project CIs were Professor Sharon Bell and Professor Lyn Yates . Dr Robyn May and Dr Huong Nguyen supported the CIs at different stages of the project’s development. The project also benefitted from the statistical advice and deep interest provided by Dr Daniel Edwards (ACER) . Several researchers contributed to different facets of the development of this Toolkit, Heather Cameron (gender equity and organisational diversity), Lisa Eadie (coaching teams and marathon strategies) and, in the formative stages of development, Dr Janet Hope (initial Toolkit framing). Website design: Merri Creek Productions

Representatives of the Project Linkage Partners Jan Tennent and Elizabeth Johnson (Biomedical Research Victoria/Bio21 Cluster), Roger Stapleford (RACI) and Catriona Jackson (STA) for their active engagement and contribution to the project.