Strategies to Change Team and Organisational Cultures

The following strategies may be useful to consider or use as a framework for change, many are drawn from the CEW Toolkit

Staff Profile and Development

  • Set specific time bound targets to reach gender parity, monitor and report regularly
  • Develop a staff development plan with a 3-5 year horizon and use ‘whole of career planning discussions as part of individual development, regardless of the term of contract of the individual
  • Plan with colleagues the step moving to the status of an independent researcher and how this might be timed to accommodate family formation and carer responsibilities
  • Identify staff resource implications and work with senior leadership to develop strategies that are not dependent on national competitive grant success
  • Raise awareness of sponsorship and mentoring by the CEO or other science and industry leaders
  • Establish training and development activities to enable women to adapt and succeed in the prevailing culture whilst also working to change that culture
  • Consciously and overtly utilise sponsorship and succession planning to advance women into senior roles
  • Actively enable social capital opportunities, such as mentoring, access to professional networks, activities and forums which help build connections

Women in the Science Research Workforce: Identifying and Sustaining the Diversity Advantage, was funded as an ARC Linkage project 2011-2014 (LP110200480).
Project Cis were Professor Sharon Bell and Professor Lyn Yates. The project was hosted by the University of Melbourne.